EB-5 Investors talk about working with The EB5 Visa

Why Choose The EB-5 Visa?

If there was one word to describe you, a potential immigrant to the USA, it would be Courageous.

If there was one word to describe us, the people who are going to help you, it would be Principled.

When someone wants to come to live permanently in the USA by using an EB-5 Visa it is generally a most exciting and yet concerning time with so many different things to take care of. What anyone who has made that move can tell you is that you always have something to think about, something to worry about and you are always looking for answers. Your questions are likely nothing new to our EB-5 concierge managers who have experience with immigrants from over 90 countries. This fact alone offers you a significant advantage as 100% of our work is dedicated to maximizing the ease with which you make your EB-5 decisions and of course your move to a new, permanent life in the USA. Our overriding thought and business model is “Take care of the investor and we will be successful” – Please ask us any EB-5 related questions you have, it will be our pleasure to help you in any way we can.

You can access our more than twenty-one years of EB-5 experience. In fact, we first became involved in the EB-5 industry in 1994, (which coincidentally was the year that the Regional Center Pilot Program was established). We now operate 15 regional centers and can undertake projects within 21 states and Washington D.C.

Your goals and our mission are aligned. Our belief is: “Take care of the investor and we will be successful” – It’s that simple!

Most EB-5 clients have essentially the same goals.

Attain Lawful Permanent Residency (Get My Green Card).
Make My Green Card Permanent (proof of job creation)
Return of My Original Capital (Get my money back)
How Can an EB-5 Visa Work for You?

In July 2017 we invited the limited partners from our first seven EB-5 partnerships to a celebration in Las Vegas Nevada. This was a celebration of two landmark events: achieving the goals of the investors in our first seven partnerships and our 20th Anniversary. Watching this short video will give you an insight into how we operate our business.