What is the best available EB-5 project for me?

This is the most important question you can ask; it is also the one question that can only be answered with specific regard to what is important to you. With more than 800 EB-5 visa regional centers to choose from it is very difficult for you to make a choice without knowing all the facts. The question needs to be changed slightly to:

  • How do I know what the best EB-5 Visa Project is For Me?

Let’s answer that question right now. To do that will require you to ask yourself “what are the most important points for me to consider when choosing the right EB-5 project to meet my goals?”

Consider some of these regularly asked EB-5 project questions:

  • Security of my immigration status – Will I get and keep my green card?
  • How secure is my $900,000 – Who is actually responsible for my money?
  • Is there a definitive exit strategy – Can the regional center tell me what the strategy and timeline is for me to receive my capital back?
  • Should I earn interest on my money – Understanding the difference between an offered return and an anticipated return.

Our goal is to give you all the information and education you need to make the right choice for you.

Remember: Every regional center is in competition to sell you on why their business plan is better than anyone’s else’s; they want your money and thus they carefully paint a picture of all the positive aspects of their regional center project, often without making you aware of any negatives.

So how can you get this information? It's Simple:

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Frequently asked questions

Among more than 800 regional centers that have currently been designated by USCIS, some have long and well-established track records, while the majority are newly established and relatively untested. It is therefore paramount to consider the operating experience of any regional center you are looking at.

There are only a select few regional centers that have achieved unconditional permanent residence status (I-829 petition approvals) for their EB-5 investors and a return of capital, let alone consistently achieved this with multiple EB-5 partnerships. For a regional center to be successful, each project they offer must be deliberately structured to meet the EB-5 investors’ ultimate goals: a permanent residency visa for the investor and his or her qualifying family members, and an opportunity to receive a return of capital. In addition to choosing a regional center, each EB-5 investor must choose a project, as many regional centers have more than one project available. The fact that one project of a particular regional center has been successful does not necessarily guarantee that the next one will be.

To be successful an EB-5 investor like you should study the past offerings of the regional center in order to determine if there is a pattern of success and consistency. Additionally, you should research the history of each project developer and whether the regional center you are looking at has worked successfully with the developer in the past. Successful regional centers usually use the same business model for future projects, which should enhance stability and predictability of the investment they are offering you.

Immigration by investment through the EB-5 program can be undertaken in one of two ways. There is the Regional Center Program and there is what is commonly referred to as a direct EB-5 investment. Most people that consider using an EB-5 visa are doing so in order to achieve immigration to the U.S. rather than to establish and operate a business upon which their immigration status will rely. Therefore, most use an experienced regional center, which (hopefully) enhances their chances of success.

Regional Centers are designated by the USCIS to work with multiple EB-5 investors and pool their investments for greater economic impact. There is an important benefit to the Regional Center Program as job creation (10 new qualified jobs per investor) is a key requirement in the approval or denial of each EB-5 investor. One of the most important benefits of using a regional center is the ability to prove job creation through reasonable methodologies, as only regional centers can utilize induced and indirect job creation. This is a powerful tool for proving maximum job creation.

Additionally, the role of a regional center starts long before a specific project is ever considered and it should not finish until after the receipt of all permanent green cards and return of capital to the limited partners. A leading regional center will perform a thorough analysis and due diligence of each project they offer and will continuously monitor the project for compliance with the EB-5 program and loan requirements. Also, a leading regional center will have an in-house a team of dedicated, full-time, professional staff that work with you to reduce language barriers, perform project monitoring plus assist you and your attorney in preparing and submitting the EB-5 partnership’s relevant immigration documents as well as many other needs that may arise.

Generally the answer would be yes, if you are already in the U.S. on another non-immigrant visa (such as H-1B or E-2); however you should definitely consult with an experienced immigration attorney regarding your own specific situation. Once your I-526 petition is approved using the EB-5 Visa, your attorney may be able to submit an I-485 petition with the USCIS to adjust your status to conditional permanent resident status. EB-5 investors are granted two-year conditional permanent residency upon approval of their I-485 application. If you would like to ask us a question about this subject you can click the Ask Your EB-5 Question section below.

First step is to choose your regional center and the project you want to invest in. Please see How do I Select a High Quality Low Risk EB-5 Project section above. The procedure then is typically as follows: First, your attorney files an I-526 petition requesting conditional residency. If approved, you can apply for a conditional green card through a consulate interview or an adjustment of status (if you are already in the U.S. on another visa). Once the conditional green card is issued, it is valid for two years. Near the end of the two-year period of conditional residency, your attorney files the I-829 petition to remove the conditions on the green card. This petition demonstrates that your capital was fully invested and at risk during the two-year period and that the required 10 qualifying jobs have been created. Upon approval of the I-829 petition, you and your qualified family members become lawful permanent residents and can ultimately choose to become U.S. citizens after five years. If you would like to ask us a question about this subject you can click the Ask Your EB-5 Question section below.


We strive to always be attentive and punctual in providing thoughtful answers to individual questions and concerns of all EB-5 Visa clients.